b2g_desktop_multilocale module

class b2g_desktop_multilocale.B2gMultilocale(require_config_file=False)[source]

Bases: mozharness.mozilla.l10n.locales.LocalesMixin, mozharness.base.script.BaseScript, mozharness.base.vcs.vcsbase.VCSMixin, mozharness.mozilla.l10n.locales.GaiaLocalesMixin

This is a helper script that requires MercurialBuildFactory logic to work. We may eventually make this a standalone script.

We could inherit MercurialScript instead of BaseScript + VCSMixin


Do the multilocale portion of the build + packaging.

config_options = [[['--locale'], {'action': 'extend', 'dest': 'locales', 'type': 'string', 'help': 'Specify the locale(s) to repack'}], [['--gaia-languages-file'], {'dest': 'gaia_languages_file', 'help': 'languages file for gaia multilocale profile'}], [['--gecko-languages-file'], {'dest': 'locales_file', 'help': 'languages file for gecko multilocale'}], [['--gecko-l10n-root'], {'dest': 'hg_l10n_base', 'help': 'root location for gecko l10n repos'}], [['--gecko-l10n-base-dir'], {'dest': 'l10n_dir', 'help': 'dir to clone gecko l10n repos into, relative to the work directory'}], [['--merge-locales'], {'dest': 'merge_locales', 'help': 'Dummy option to keep from burning. We now always merge'}], [['--gaia-l10n-root'], {'dest': 'gaia_l10n_root', 'help': 'root location for gaia l10n repos'}], [['--gaia-l10n-base-dir'], {'dest': 'gaia_l10n_base_dir', 'default': 'build-gaia-l10n', 'help': 'dir to clone l10n repos into, relative to the work directory'}], [['--gaia-l10n-vcs'], {'dest': 'gaia_l10n_vcs', 'help': 'vcs to use for gaia l10n'}]]

Clone gaia and gecko locale repos