configtest module

Verify the .json and .py files in the configs/ directory are well-formed. Further tests to verify validity would be desirable.

This is also a good example script to look at to understand mozharness.

class configtest.ConfigTest(require_config_file=False)[source]

Bases: mozharness.base.script.BaseScript

config_options = [[['--test-file'], {'action': 'extend', 'dest': 'test_files', 'help': 'Specify which config files to test'}]]

Non-default action that is mainly here to demonstrate how non-default actions work in a mozharness script.


This query method, much like others, caches its runtime settings in self.VAR so we don’t have to figure out config_files multiple times.


Currently only “is this well-formed json?”


Currently only “will this give me a config dictionary?”