marionette module

class marionette.MarionetteTest(require_config_file=False)[source]

Bases: mozharness.mozilla.testing.testbase.TestingMixin, mozharness.base.vcs.vcsbase.MercurialScript, mozharness.mozilla.blob_upload.BlobUploadMixin, mozharness.base.transfer.TransferMixin, mozharness.mozilla.gaia.GaiaMixin

config_options = [[['--application'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'application', 'default': None, 'help': 'application name of binary'}], [['--app-arg'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'app_arg', 'default': None, 'help': 'Optional command-line argument to pass to the browser'}], [['--gaia-dir'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'gaia_dir', 'default': None, 'help': 'directory where gaia repo should be cloned'}], [['--gaia-repo'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'gaia_repo', 'default': '', 'help': 'url of gaia repo to clone'}], [['--gaia-branch'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'gaia_branch', 'default': 'default', 'help': 'branch of gaia repo to clone'}], [['--test-type'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'test_type', 'default': 'browser', 'help': 'The type of tests to run'}], [['--marionette-address'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'marionette_address', 'default': None, 'help': 'The host:port of the Marionette server running inside Gecko. Unused for emulator testing'}], [['--emulator'], {'help': 'Use an emulator for testing', 'dest': 'emulator', 'choices': ['arm', 'x86'], 'default': None, 'action': 'store', 'type': 'choice'}], [['--gaiatest'], {'action': 'store_true', 'dest': 'gaiatest', 'default': False, 'help': "Runs gaia-ui-tests by pulling down the test repo and invoking gaiatest's rather than Marionette's."}], [['--test-manifest'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'test_manifest', 'default': 'unit-tests.ini', 'help': 'Path to test manifest to run relative to the Marionette tests directory'}], [['--xre-path'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'xre_path', 'default': 'xulrunner-sdk', 'help': 'directory (relative to gaia repo) of xulrunner-sdk'}], [['--xre-url'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'xre_url', 'default': None, 'help': 'url of desktop xre archive'}], [['--gip-suite'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'gip_suite', 'default': None, 'help': 'gip suite to be executed. If no value is provided, manifest tbpl-manifest.ini will be used. the See Bug 1046694'}], [['--total-chunks'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'total_chunks', 'help': 'Number of total chunks'}], [['--this-chunk'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'this_chunk', 'help': 'Number of this chunk'}], [['--e10s'], {'action': 'store_true', 'dest': 'e10s', 'help': 'Run tests with multiple processes. (Desktop builds only)'}], [['--installer-url'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'installer_url', 'default': None, 'help': 'URL to the installer to install'}], [['--installer-path'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'installer_path', 'default': None, 'help': 'Path to the installer to install. This is set automatically if run with --download-and-extract.'}], [['--binary-path'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'binary_path', 'default': None, 'help': 'Path to installed binary. This is set automatically if run with --install.'}], [['--exe-suffix'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'exe_suffix', 'default': None, 'help': 'Executable suffix for binaries on this platform'}], [['--test-url'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'test_url', 'default': None, 'help': 'URL to the zip file containing the actual tests'}], [['--test-packages-url'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'test_packages_url', 'default': None, 'help': 'URL to a json file describing which tests archives to download'}], [['--jsshell-url'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'jsshell_url', 'default': None, 'help': 'URL to the jsshell to install'}], [['--download-symbols'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'download_symbols', 'type': 'choice', 'help': 'Download and extract crash reporter symbols.', 'choices': ['ondemand', 'true']}], [['--venv-path', '--virtualenv-path'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'virtualenv_path', 'default': 'venv', 'help': 'Specify the path to the virtualenv top level directory'}], [['--virtualenv'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'virtualenv', 'help': 'Specify the virtualenv executable to use'}], [['--find-links'], {'action': 'extend', 'dest': 'find_links', 'help': 'URL to look for packages at'}], [['--pip-index'], {'action': 'store_true', 'default': True, 'dest': 'pip_index', 'help': 'Use pip indexes (default)'}], [['--no-pip-index'], {'action': 'store_false', 'dest': 'pip_index', 'help': "Don't use pip indexes"}], [['--blob-upload-branch'], {'dest': 'blob_upload_branch', 'help': "Branch for blob server's metadata"}], [['--blob-upload-server'], {'dest': 'blob_upload_servers', 'action': 'extend', 'help': "Blob servers's location"}]]
error_list = [{'substr': 'FAILED (errors=', 'level': 'warning'}, {'substr': 'Could not successfully complete transport of message to Gecko, socket closed', 'level': 'error'}, {'substr': 'Connection to Marionette server is lost. Check gecko', 'level': 'error'}, {'substr': 'Timeout waiting for marionette on port', 'level': 'error'}, {'regex': <_sre.SRE_Pattern object at 0x7fd9275ac1c8>, 'level': 'error'}, {'regex': <_sre.SRE_Pattern object at 0x3e09ad0>, 'level': 'error'}]

preflight commands for all tests

repos = []

Run the Marionette tests