sourcetool module

Port of tools/buildfarm/utils/

TODO: currently ignores work_dir completely. Maybe we should use it instead of dest ? Maybe I need to rethink work_dir?

class sourcetool.SourceTool(require_config_file=False)[source]

Bases: mozharness.base.script.BaseScript

config_options = [[['--rev', '-r'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'vcs_revision', 'default': None, 'help': 'Specify which revision to update to.'}], [['--branch', '-b'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'vcs_branch', 'default': 'default', 'help': 'Specify which branch to update to.'}], [['--vcs'], {'help': 'Specify which VCS to use.', 'dest': 'vcs', 'choices': ['hg'], 'default': None, 'action': 'store', 'type': 'choice'}], [['--props-file', '-p'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'vcs_propsfile', 'default': None, 'help': 'build json file containing revision information'}], [['--tbox'], {'action': 'store_true', 'dest': 'tbox_output', 'default': False, 'help': 'Output TinderboxPrint messages.'}], [['--no-tbox'], {'action': 'store_false', 'dest': 'tbox_output', 'help': "Don't output TinderboxPrint messages."}], [['--repo'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'vcs_repo', 'help': 'Specify the VCS repo.'}], [['--dest'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'vcs_dest', 'help': 'Specify the destination directory (optional)'}], [['--shared-dir', '-s'], {'action': 'store', 'dest': 'vcs_shared_dir', 'default': None, 'help': 'clone to a shared directory'}], [['--allow-unshared-local-clones'], {'action': 'store_true', 'dest': 'vcs_allow_unshared_local_clones', 'default': False, 'help': 'Allow unshared checkouts if --shared-dir is specified'}], [['--check-outgoing'], {'action': 'store_true', 'dest': 'vcs_strip_outgoing', 'default': False, 'help': 'check for and clobber outgoing changesets'}]]